Poetrypalooza continues its invasive tour as it enters Lincoln Heights.
These past eight days have been both a privilege and a dream come true. We have been able to join together as a group and share our works and talents with the local East, Midwest, and West community regions of Los Angeles.

Personally, I'm blown away to see many variety of talents showcasing their works on stage, that I some times wonder how we managed to fit them all in an event's show. 

We, however, have been managing and treating our talents well both in their performance time and their comfort with us in the show.

Tonight's tour event stops at Cafe in the Heights in Lincoln Heights. It's going to be an anticipated event since it is the 8th night, two nights before the tour reaches its grand finale event this Sunday. So if you're around the neighborhood or live close by, this would be an excellent opportunity for you to visit and see in person what's all the buzz been about before we leave town.

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